Family Dispute Resolution

Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Leasing & Property Disputes


What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution is a process where a trained Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner will work with a couple who are separating  to help them both resolve family disputes  & conflicts arising over child care, child support, financial arrangements, property and financial matters - such as  what to do with the family home, dividing assets and debts.Disputes arising from other child related matters like contact with grand parents or step parents can also be addressed and resolved. 

It aims  to helps parents reach agreements that are in the best interests of the children so they can co-parent cooperatively in the future. No legal advice is provided. Mediation  helps you stay in control and make decisions  that will suit your family. 

Leasing & Property Disputes

Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Leasing & Property Disputes


What is Leasing and Property Mediation?

Resolving your Leasing and Property disputes through mediation can save all parties money, time and stress. It is normal in the context of a dispute to feel that you have been wronged. Rather than taking an hostile approach to the dispute and threatening court action where it is difficult to predict the outcome, the mediation process enables the parties to work together with a neutral third party - the mediator ,who will help the parties reach a commercial resolution that works for them both. 

Both parties can talk and discuss their concerns, understand the other parties point of view and discuss options for resolution. Mediation can provide an outcome that a court can't. Both parties in a mediation are responsible for the outcome and the outcome is limited only by  their imaginations so they can resolve their matter and continue doing business together. 

Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Conflict Coaching & Mediation


What is Relationship  Mediation?

Relationship Mediation is used to resolve disputes and  is available  to  individuals, families, married couples, employers and employees  to help them sort out the conflicts that arise in daily life. 

Whatever your dispute, whether it relates your  MARRIAGE,  a  disagreement with your SPOUSE, a FAMILY LAW matter,  or a WORKPLACE issue,  the  best way to resolve the conflict and reach agreement  is through ONLINE MEDIATION from the comfort of your home. 

Conflicts often arise because of a lack of communication and when parties have incompatible goals and their needs and expectations are not met or satisfied by the other party. Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts where a neutral third party assists the parties to resolve the conflict. 

The disputing parties themselves have control over the agreements they reach. 


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Benefits of mediation online

  • Helps improve communication and resolve conflict 

  • Fast, effective and clear process

  • Mediate from the comfort of your home or office

  • Protects parties by providing  parties distance 

  • It's affordable and cost effective

  • Protects the relationship 

  • Parties in control of the process


1) Pick a Date: the parties  together nominate a date on which the mediation will take place. Once the date is confirmed the parties will receive a confirmation email.  

(2) Intake session: a pre-mediation  intake session is conducted with each of the parities a few days prior to the  Mediation. . An intake session generally takes around 60 minutes. At this intake session the mediator asks each party for some information about their case and explains the mediation process. This intake session is conducted via Zoom. 

(3) Zoom link - a  few days prior to the Mediation the  parties will receive their own private password protected video Zoom link so they can participate in the live video mediation . They can connect on their on a computer and ipad or on their mobile phone. As a backup, parties will be provided with a backup telephone number they can use to access the audio portion of the live video mediation.

(5) Documents - the parties will be required to provide all  confidential information at least  five (05) days prior to the scheduled Mediation date. This information can be sent by email.

(6) Mediation Agreement - the parties are provided with the Agreement to Mediate which they can review, then sign and return to the mediator at least two (02) days prior to the mediation date.


(6) Reaching agreement - all agreements reached at mediation  will be documented  in writing and signed by all parties. 

(7) Celebration - reaching an agreement is cause for celebration so  we encourage the parties to do so:)