As a healthcare worker on the frontline dealing with a pandemic is stressful and puts pressure on your relationships with your nearest and dearest. Reports show that doctors, nurses and midwives are facing massive challenges at home and in the workplace.  When forced together  for extended periods, it feels like it's  necessary to confront how you really feel about family dynamics and it can sometimes feel like it's decision making time. Don't make any hasty decisions. Instead get the help you need to improve your communication skills and learn how to manage the conflict so you can learn to respond when you feel triggered rather than react badly both at home and at work. 

Evidence is emerging that some households are buckling under the pressures of having to cope with Covid-19. But it does not have to  be this way. Covid-19 can be the opportunity to reconnect and bond instead with your spouse, children and co-workers and improve your relationships. It is a a time to work on your relationships and focus on what is important to you all. Communication is key and it's a skill we are not good at especially when we are under pressure. The key to maintaining healthy relationships under pressure is managing the conflict and the expectations we have of each other. Conflict does not have to be a bad thing. You can learn and grow through the conflict but to do this you have to be able to manage it well. These are not skills we learn in school and conflict impacts all our relationships and can hurt us and those around us.


For now and the duration of the pandemic we are offering our healthcare professionals discounted rates on our conflict coaching services  where we provide you with the support  and strength you need  as you navigate Covid-19 on the frontline, caring for us and our communities. 


Coaching sessions are conducted via zoom or telephone and workers in hospitals and other healthcare settings are welcome. On the call we will hold space and listen to you to understand 

your concerns and  work with you to  support you and help you navigate the issues you may have.